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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Craft Room {Sneak Peek}

Ok...I'm still a looooong way
from completing my Craft Room
but I thought I'd share a little
This is my inspiration fabric.
I love paisleys
I love turquoise
{and hot pink, green orange...ok, bright fun colors}
and I decided not to fight the
{blah} B-R-O-W-N
walls so this fabric has a brown background...
which I actually really like!
I am planning on making a table skirt for my work table
and hanging it in various places to freshen up this room
{which has NO windows}!
This is my "inspiration board" area
it sits above my work space.
 I got these cookie sheets at the Dollar Tree
{for $1 each}.
I spray painted them
using some of the fun colors in my fabric.
Then I used some scrapbook papers & Mod Podge {that I love}
to cover the surface.

I added magnets to the back of these
to hang up all of my
{kimspirations are all things that inspire me...Kim}
Corny...I know...but, once again...
that's the way I roll!

So, then I hot glued twine to the back...
hammered in a nail to hang it from...
and hot glued a button onto the head of the nail.

To top it all off...
I added this "create" vinyl sign above the boards.
I cut this out using my Silhouette Machine
and brown vinyl. 

Not a bad Inspiration Board for $7, huh?!?

Oh...and I couldn't make a creative space without this...
I also cut this out with my Silhouette Machine.
I cut out "kimspiration" from the patterned paper
and backed it with turquoise paper.
Then framed it
it with a satin flower that I made.

I hope you enjoyed this little
into my Craft Room!

If you have any ideas for organizing
PLEASE feel free to share!  :)

Go be inspired, today!

Blessings to you,

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  1. I need this fabric in my life (the first one). Where can I find this?