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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Skylar's Sweet Shoppe Party

My "middle" baby is now 9 years old!  So hard to believe!!  We decided on a "Sweet Shoppe" theme for her party.  We had so much fun planning and making all of the food & decorations!  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed the party!

We had lollipops lining the sidewalk and large candies in the flower pots.

My oldest daughter made the Sweet Shoppe sign.  She did such a good job!!  :)

I made the invitations to look like a lollipop.  I printed 2 layers.  The back layer had the party info.  I glued the back layer onto a lollipop stick and attached the front layer to the back layer so it would lift up.  Then I put the "lollipop" inside a cellophane bag, cut the bottom off with zig zag scissors and tied it up with a fun striped ribbon.  Skylar LOVED the way they turned out...I did, too.  :)
The girls guessed how many gumballs were in the jar and wrote their guesses on the cards.  The one who had the closest guess won the little gumball machine and a polka dot notepad.

I made a lollipop tree by putting willow branches inside a pot with cement.  Then I tied Dum Dums on the branches with bright colored strips of tulle.  I love this so much that I'm going to use it for every holiday...just changing it out with different decorations.  I'm having "antique" eggs on it for Easter.  :)

I made the awning out of construction paper.  I taped the pieces together and drew the scallop then cut it out and hung it above the Candy Bar.

The Candy Bar (before the girls raided it!).  :)



Jelly Beans...

Candy Buttons...

My favorite piece!  I found this jar at Ross for $7.99!!  I layered the gumballs by color in the base and then multi-colored at the top.  I put the large lollipops in to top it off.


I saw this idea on Kara's Party Ideas ( ).  I changed it up a bit by painting it hot pink and adding a bow.  :) 

Our family candy jar.  :)

I ordered "slushy" cups online ( ). I bought the tops with the holes and put the lollipop in the top and added a label that I made that says "Thank you for coming to Skylar's Sweet Shoppe!  You're Sweet!"  These were the party favors that the girls used to fill up with candy!

This is one of the cups AFTER they raided the Candy Bar!!! 

Giant tissue pom poms.  I had these all over the fun!

Another banner and giant candies.  I made the candies out of 2 paper plates stapled together & wrapped them with tissue and then clear cellophane.

The drink station.  Lemonade & Bottled water wrapped in a fun paper.

Yummy fruit with a Marshmallow Dip.

I made tortilla roll-ups and stuck a lollipop stick in them to make them look like lollipops.

The cupcakes I made were French Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.  I topped them with a mini-twirl lollipop.

The Cupcake Stand

Skylar's Giant Cupcake!!  I apologize for the poor decorating...I saved it for the last minute and was running out of time!  Talk about "slapping on" some frosting!!  Sorry Skylar!  But it sure was YUMMY!!  :)

Here is one of our craft tables.  The girls made a giant candy.  We also had a candy necklace station.  Somehow I didn't get a picture of that one.  :(

The Face Painting station.

It was such a fun party!! 

Now it's time to start planning Shelby's 1st Birthday...