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Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Baby Christmas Party

We had a Christmas party at our house for my husband's Veterinary clinic staff and a few close friends.  It was so much fun and I had an absolute blast setting it all up!  Here are just a few pics...
go to my Celebrate page for all the pictures.  :)

The Mashed Potato-tini Bar/main buffet table

Santa Baby sign

Dessert Table

Merry Martini Bar
(please ignore the dirty dishes in the background!)

(Winter Wonderland & Peppermint)

Click here for the rest of the pictures. 

BTW: I get a lot of ideas from Tip Junkie!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Front Door Christmas Decor

I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas. 
Here are a couple of pictures of our front door.


These are the "teardrops" I made, today.

I will add the rest of my Christmas decor to my DIY Decor page

Christmas Blessings to you!

Burlap Christmas Wreath

I wanted to do something different for my Christmas wreath this year...and since I still have an abundance of burlap fabric, I decided to use it.
I already had all the materials at home, so it didn't cost me anything extra.
Here's how I made mine...
I didn't have a wreath form so I opened up a wire hanger and shaped it into a circle.
**NOTE**  I would definitely use a wreath form(next time)  and just attach the burlap ruffles to it with hot glue.  :)
To secure my form, I overlapped & wrapped the ends of the hanger around the form (sorry I didn't take a picture of that).

Then, I cut 4 strips of burlap (approx. 6"x60").
I began attaching the burlap around the form by folding it in 1/2 lengthwise and putting the form in the middle of the burlap (as shown above).

I then stitched closely to the form to create a "channel" around the form...tight enough to hold but loose enough to pull and gather to make the ruffle.

As I stitched along the fabric, I pulled it to gather and make a ruffle.
I used 2 strips of fabric to make the first layer of the wreath.
(and...uh...yes, I need a manicure!!!)  :)

For the back layer of the wreath, I just folded the strip of burlap in 1/2
(but not evenly because I wanted extra depth of I left about 1/2" of burlap sticking out of the back).
Once I folded the strip, I stitched it together about 1/2" above the fold (on the outside) to connect the folded strip together.
Just like the first strip, I pulled and gathered to make the ruffle.

I attached the 2nd strip of ruffles to the back of the first with hot glue (because I prefer hot gluing whenever I can!)

I made a big bow with red & white polka dot ribbon (I love polka dots!!)  :) and attached it to the wreath with wire.

I had this "H" around the house just waiting for a place to I spray painted it red and
attached it to the wreath (underneath the bow) with wire.

And WhaaLaa...
I hung it on our front door...
I love it!!  :)

Yes, that is my reflection in the glass...good thing you can't see that I have no makeup on and my hair is a mess!!  :)

**UPDATE**  I removed the wire and hot glued the ruffles to a straw wreath's much it is!  And I added some **bling**.  :)

My new and improved burlap wreath.  :)

Blessings to you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Home-Kitchen Remodel

We recently purchased a new (to us) home.  Before we moved in, we (pretty much) remodeled the entire interior.  I wasn't thinking ahead at the time and I didn't take many BEFORE pictures of the house but I got a few of the kitchen.

Here are some Before and After pictures of our kitchen:



I had so much much fun designing this kitchen.  We completely gutted it! 
We extended it about 5 feet,
had new cabinets built & painted (I distressed & glazed them),
moved the french doors (you can see that in a different picture) and added a window.
We put in granite tile countertops,
 a tumbled travertine subway tile backsplash,
new stainless appliances...including a double oven;
a granite sink,
new lighting fixtures,
and new hardwood flooring in the entire downstairs.

You can see how there are french doors at the end of the kitchen, here.  We moved the doors into
the dining room & opened the dining room up into the kitchen.  We added a window over the bar.
The oven used to be in the island and there was very little counter space.

Since we pushed the kitchen out, there was more room for a larger island.

You can see from this picture where the french doors used to be...

You can see that there is now a window where the door used to be...
There is also a cabinet on the backside/underneath the bar with double pull-outs
for extra storage.
AND I love my bookshelf for cookbooks!!!

Here's more pics of our new kitchen...

This is the appliance garage...I wanted a door instead of a tambour. 
I love it!  It holds several appliances and has plugs inside!

I got all the drawer pulls, knobs, and plug covers from Hobby Lobby!  :)

I LOVE our island!  I had them build open shelves for baskets...I keep bread in one, onions in another, and potatoes in the large one on the bottom...we have 7 kiddos...we are always using bread and potatoes!  :)
The double cabinet has two pull out shelves and the single cabinet on the right has a pull-out
trash can.

I love our two pantries...lots of storage!  :)

I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE our kitchen. We spend so much time here and
we feel very blessed!

Christmas Projects

Well, I have been MIA for a while.  For the past few months we have been getting settled in to our new life and our newly remodled home.  I have many events to catch up on but my camera cord is still packed away in one of the many boxes (still in the garage).  :)

For now, I have a couple of Christmas projects to share:  (I will post details and tutorials when I find my camera cord...or make it into town to get the pics off my memory card)...

I made this banner using burlap (my fav).  I stenciled the letters on using acrylic paint and hung them on jute rope with clothespins that I spray painted, red. 

I also added a little BLING to the bottom of each flag. 
I just love the way it turned out!  :-)

**View the tutorial on my DIY Decor page


I made this wreath with strips of burlap.  Then I added a fun red-polka dot bow. 
 I also spray painted a wooden letter "H" and added that under the bow.

This makes me happy!  :-)

**View the tutorial on my DIY Decor page

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shelby's Sugar Shoppe

Shelby's Sugar Shoppe

Well, I'm doing this out of order...Shelby's 1st Birthday was in June and I'm just now getting these pictures in.  :) 
I decided to go with a vintage Sweet Shoppe theme.  There are a lot of things I would have done differently had I had more time but I still think it turned out pretty cute.  She had a great time! :)

Here is my beautiful Birthday Girl!  My sister (Lesa Young of Youngs Photographic Imaging ) took all of the pictures...thanks, Sista!

I used an ivory and pink strawberry print fabric for the backdrop and trimmed it with lace.  I made the bunting from various patterns of paper and printed/cut out the letters to say "Shelby's Sugar Shoppe".

Shelby's Sugar Shoppe tablescape

Iced Animal Cookies

 Salt Water Taffy

Strawberry Sugar Cookies

We also had a variety of Sugar Wafer Cookies, donuts, and
White-Chocolate dipped Strawberry Marshmallows.

We made this flower arrangement from a zigzag container filled with floral oasis.  We added pink carnations as the "frosting" and placed a taper candle in the middle.  I had adorable lace  ribbon to tie a bow at the bottom of the candle but ran out of time before the first guests were beginning to arrive!  :(  I got this idea from

I made Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting (top), Pink Lemonade Cupcakes with Strawberry Lemonade Buttercream Frosting and a candied lemon slice (middle), and Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting (bottom).
The cupcake liner pompom arrangement is from the Vintage Valentine Party.  See the tutorial here:
Shelby's Special Vanilla Cupcake

For the Party Favors, I put the various flavors of cupcakes in a small mason jar and decorated the lid.  I also tied a plastic spoon and attached a label to each one. 

My sweet friend, Rebecca gave this Birthday Party Hat to Shelby...the picture doesn't do it justice!!

The Birthday Girl in her hat!  :)

Cupcakes make me happy, too!! 

Here is another precious picture that my sister took of the Birthday Girl...just had to share!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our "Perfectly Us" Country Wedding

Well, the past few months have flown by "fast and furiously" and have been very eventful, as well.  I got remarried in August and my girls and I have been blessed with a new "small town" life.  Here are a few pictures of our wedding.  It took place on our farm and it is definitely "Perfectly Us"!!  :)
Most photos were taken by my sister, Lesa Young and her husband, Michael of Youngs Photographic Imaging (


Our farm is called "Blessed Oak Farm" for this very reason.  There is a lot of personal meaning for my husband and myself, in this old oak tree.

Our Blessed Oak before the wedding...

We had an old headboard that we attached painted barn wood to...this was at the entrance
 to our farm.

We set up hay bails for the pews and covered them with quilts of our own and borrowed from friends and family.  My girlfriends and I made all the flower arrangements ourselves over a few glasses of wine and a lot of laughs!  What great memories!  :)
I purchased all of our flowers from

All of our flowers were yellow and white...simple and sweet.  :)

This is my wedding bouquet that I made...White Daisies surrounded by yellow Solidago.  I wrapped it with lace and secured the lace with a rhinestone daisy brooch.  I loved the way it turned out!

These are the girls bridesmaids bouquets.  Yellow Daisies in the center, surrounded by White Daisies and encircled by leaves.  I wrapped the stems with burlap ribbon and secured it with a smaller rhinestone daisy brooch...they turned out so precious!  :)  You can see them better in pictures to follow...

My sweet friend Rebecca painted old barn wood signs that we used to point guests out to our farm.  We also used some around the reception...more pics to follow.

My hubby and the 3 boys rode up on his tractor and walked in to "Country Boys Can Survive".  ;)

My handsome hubby and his 3 precious boys waiting for us to walk down the aisle.

My oldest and youngest daughter walking down the aisle...they are so beautiful!

Beautiful hubby's daughter...and now mine, too!  :)

My 3 beautiful daughters!

All 4 of our girls were the bridesmaids/flower girl.  They wore cowboy boots with their cute!

Saying our wedding vows.  :)

We left the ceremony to the song "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy".. ;)

Our wonderful family...we are SO BLESSED!!

Me and my sweetie!


I love this picture of my hubby and my boots...(taken by Youngs Photographic Imaging).

The theme of our reception was vintage, casual country.  We had walls of burlap fabric, white table cloths with burlap table runners, mason jars with candles, tree slices as the base for our centerpieces and candles.  We also used several vintage pieces of furniture for different areas of the reception.  We had a "Tater Bar" and "Saloon" area (picture will be added, soon).  Our menu was Brisket, Grilled Chicken, Pinto Beans, Salad, and the now "infamous" Tater Bar.  We had Mashed Potatoes that were put in Mason jars.  The guests could top their taters with all kinds of fixins, such as, brisket/chicken, cheese, broccoli, bacon, sour cream, butter, salsa, etc.  Our guests are still talking about how much they loved the Tater Bar!  The food was catered by our dear friend Martha at The Chuck Wagon Restaurant in Velma, OK.

An old dresser served as our Candy Bar/Puppy Chow favor bar
(I don't have a picture of the completed set up, yet).
A vintage armoir held photos, candles, and inside the doors was a large flower arrangement (more pics to come...)

We used an old metal locker-type of shelf to hold the mason jars for our
Tater Bar!

We had a photo booth set up for our guests to take some fun photo ops. 

Our response cards were a little untraditional and A LOT of fun!  At the top of a 3x5 piece of cardstock, I printed "The favour of a creative reply is appreciated by July 15, 2011".  It was up to our guests to come up with a creative and fun way to let us know whether or not they would be able to make it to the was like getting a treat in my mailbox every day for a month!  :)

I had a Wishing Tree instead of a guest book.   I took manilla shipping tags and made them look
"old" by sponging brown ink around the edges.  I had a sign asking our guests to write a wish for our family on a tag and hang it on our Wishing Tree.  It was outside the barn on a table but it got too windy so we had to move it inside the is pictured on the back of this dresser.

We took most of our photos in front of our little red tractor and hay bail.  There will be many more pictures to come.............