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Little Blessings

The older I get, the easier it is to see
{and the more I treasure}
God's little blessings
that He gives to us each and every day.
This is my journal of the little blessings
He sends my way...

June 25, 2012

Shelby is TWO!

These past two years have absolutely flown I knew they would
{having experienced this bittersweet feeling twice before}.
Shelby is our youngest...her closest sibling is almost 7 years older
and the oldest is almost 13 years older.
So, while I'm not quite in "Grandma" mode...
this time around has been a bit different.
In a very, very good way!

We celebrated our "Little Peach's" 2nd Birthday with
what else but
a "Little Peach" Party.

Here are some pictures of her enjoying her day in the spotlight
{not that it's any different than EVERY other day!}

Mommy...can we PLEASE get this party started?

Shelby and Mommy
{Two VERY happy girls!}

 Let the celebration begin!

 She is bowled over with excitement!

That's the way she rolls! :)

 Scoping out the dessert table!

 Praying a blessing over her cuppie.  :)

 Thanking God for cuppies! 

And we have Ice Cream!

The anticipation of present time is overwhelming!  :)


 This apple does not fall far from the tree...
she loves her clothes!

 More clothes...

 And accessories, too!

 Lovin this ensemble!

 Oh wow...a Princess Castle!

What a perfect way to end the day...relaxing in her castle!

Treasuring life's Little Blessings,

June 13, 2012
A Little Birdie...

Most every time I think about my mom
{she still lives in San Antonio...where I grew up}
I remember her coming home from work
and going to water her plants
{with a glass of wine in hand}
<3 mother, like daughter...
I really love to water my plants in the evening.
It's almost therapeutic.
Well, when I was beginning to water one of my
hanging ferns yesterday evening,
a Little Birdie flew right out of the fern.
It scared the be-jee-burz out of me!!!
I'm sure the neighbors got a good laugh at me
{holding on to a pillar for dear life}!

So, before I went any further,
I tilted the fern toward me
to make sure there weren't anymore
little birdie's waiting for me in there...

this perfectly constructed
little nest
filled with
little birdie

I mean just look at this nest...
and those gorgeous eggs!

Thank you, God
for this perfect
Little Blessing
that YOU delivered
to me, today.

I hope you find a Little Blessing
in each and every day!!

Enjoying life's Little Blessings,
May 15, 2012

Welcome To Summer!

Today was the last day of school.
I can't believe it!
This year absolutely FLEW BY!
I am actually happy that it's summer break.
That means
No Alarm Clock
No Dragging Children Out Of Bed
No Homework
No Schedules
{well, except bedtime schedules!} 

I decided to have a little
Welcome To Summer Celebration
to kick off our
Summer Break...

 I made a banner that says
Welcome to Summer!

 They were so excited that...

they jumped for joy!

 And then they ran through it
like a herd of hungry cattle

 {{See the resemblance??}} 

We had Peach Sorbet
{Click HERE for the recipe}

Water Guns...

Scary gang of youngsters, huh??!!

 And off they went...

 to attack...


a quick run
 through the wiggly sprinkler...
and get each other as wet
as they possibly could!


Of course, after about 2 minutes of this
they were complaining
about being

We'll see if they are singing
the same tune
in JUNE!

Let the summer blessings begin...

April 20, 2012
Butterflies and Blooms

I've said it before...
and I really mean it...
I adore SPRING!
And we are actually having one this year!
It's glorious and all you have to do
is open your eyes
take in a deep, slow breath
feel the breeze on your face
and you see and feel
God's presence everywhere!!

The birds singing.
Breezes blowing.
Trees dancing.
Butterflies fluttering.
Flowers blooming.
Our pastor referenced Psalm 148
in which ALL creation is called to
Praise the Lord.
The sun, moon, and stars.
The waters, sea creatures, and all ocean depths.
Lightning and hail, snow and clouds,
Mountains, hills, and trees.
Wild animals, cattle, small creatures, and flying birds.
Young men and maidens.
Old men and children.
Then he said that he imagines
when the wind is blowing, it's saying "Praise the Lord".
When the birds are singing, they are saying, "Praise the Lord".
When waves are crashing, they are saying, "Praise the Lord".

I love this imagery!
I really felt like I had a great appreciation for the
"Little blessings" in every day life...
then I heard that message
and my appreciation deepened even further.

So, when we walked outside yesterday
and saw butterflies swarming and dancing
around our bushes that are in full bloom
I pictured them praising the Lord.

It was such a beautiful sight.
There must have been at least 100 butterflies
swarming around Shelby!
She was trying to catch them but
they were just too quick for her!

This is one type of butterfly...

Here are two more...

Shelby said "Oh No!" when they kept flying
away from her. :(
She wanted to hold one so badly.
It was precious!!

Just look at those sweet little hands
preparing to grab hold of
a much desired
fluttering butterfly!

And another reason that
I adore spring...


This is one of our rose bushes in our backyard.

These roses
make me SO happy!
It just looks like they are smiling
and so happy to
just BE!

Yay God!!

I cut some this morning
and made this flower arrangement
for my kitchen.

Praise the Lord!!

Blessings to you,

April 1, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter's
On It's Way

Jeff's parents bought each of the kiddos
I have such fond memories of my Hippity Hop. :)
Here they are making some of their own memories...


Talk about JOY!
Watching these 7 little darlings
was SO MUCH FUN!! :)
{Those are the bookends on the far right...
the big one carrying the little one}

Treasuring the little blessings,

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