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Happies \HAP-peez\, noun;
1. A small gift given for the exclusive purpose of making someone HAPPY, to brighten someone's day, to let someone know they are being thought of. 
example sentence: "Here's a little Happy for you."
I love giving "little Happies" to my people.
They are usually not anything big or costly.
They usually consist of
A Cupcake
Their favorite candy bar
Yummy smelling soap
Their favorite cup of coffee
Their favorite drink
A Homemade lunch
{something along those lines}
and I always try to package them in a cute way
or add a fun little note

Here are just a few examples of some {Happies}
that I've given...
Summer Picnic

I like to take lunch to Jeff's staff at his clinic
as often as I can
{it ends up being about once a month}
I try to have a "theme" for each lunch that fits the season.

The latest lunch that I took was a
Summer Inspired Menu.

I have shared the recipes on my Table for 9 page.
The Peaches and Cream Cuppie recipe is HERE
and you can click HERE for the free printables!

I hope this inspires you to pack up this quick and easy
Summer Lunch for a picnic with your loved ones!

Spreading a little "HAPPY" your way,

Teacher Gift
{Total cost is under $10}

I love giving "Happies" to my kiddos teachers!
I would do more {if I knew my hubby wouldn't have a stroke}!
I saw a similar idea to this on Pinterest
but {of course} I had to put my own spin on it.

Here's what you will need:

1 Beach Towel {per teacher} $5.98 at Wal-Mart
1 Magazine {I chose this one because of the colors and fun summer content} $1.99
Cookies {or other sweet treat of your choice} approx. .33 cents ea.
Cellophane bags .10 cents ea.
Assorted Ribbons {thick and thin} approx. $1.00 per gift
Hole Punch
Corner Rounder
Printables {Click HERE and HERE}
{{I got my digital graphics from Digital Design Essentials...cute stuff!!}}

Enter the divine
Key Lime Coconut Cookies
that I made, yesterday.
I bagged these up in cellophane bags
Tied them up with a lime green bow
and attached THIS LABEL.
Then, I rolled up the towel from both ends
making sure to have the folded ends meet up
and inserted the magazine in the middle
like so...
and I tied it together with a bow
to make a nice, pretty package.

After that, I slid the top of the cookie bag
under the bow on the towel
tied it once around the center of the large bow
and then I punched a hole in the THANK YOU TAG
and attached that on top of the whole thang.
Like this...

The "Thank you" tag says...
"Thanks to you
I'm one smart cookie
Because you love to teach
So here's a treat
To make you feel
like you're relaxing
at the beach!"

You Bet
Cuz that's the way I roll! :)

I really hope the teacher's like their
End Of Year Happies!!

It makes me want to go to the beach!!
{until I think about having to get into a bathing suit}
Pass the cookies, please!!

Blessings to you,

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"Thank You BERRY Much!" Teacher Gift

We all know how hard our teachers work
for our kiddos.
And being a {former} teacher myself,
I know how much it means to have your
students and their parents appreciate you!

That knowledge, combined with my LOVE
for giving HAPPIES is why I love to
give the teacher's a little gift every now and then
to show our un-ending gratitude.

And...since I had just made some
SCRUPMTIOUS Strawberry Jam,
I decided to pack it up and combine it
with some yummy Strawberry Scones to
show them how BERRY much we appreciate them!  ;)
{Yes, I know I'm family tells me that all the time}
{and I'm OK with that!!}  :)

Here's what I did...
I printed out some Strawberry Jam labels
and put them on top of each jar.
{Click HERE for printable}

Then, I traced a 6" circle onto the back of
some strawberry fabric {that I already had...bonus!!}
and I cut out 13 circles
{we have A LOT of kids}
A LOT of kids = A LOT of teachers!!

I placed the fabric circle on top of the jar and...

I tied it with baker's twine
{I love that stuff}!!
Isn't it so cute????

Then, I bagged up a scone into a cellophane bag,
tied it with a strip of the same strawberry fabric...

Printed out the recipe for the Strawberry Scones...
{click HERE for free printable}
I purchased the digital graphics HERE {on etsy}...

I bagged it all up and added a pink spoon...

Added a note that says...
"Thanks for helping me do my BERRY best!"
{click HERE for free printable}

And here they are
all 13 of them...
12 for their teachers and 1 for the Principal.

I hope they enjoy them
and I hope you do, too!

Blessings to you,

Happy "Golf" Day

My husband recently had a birthday and I wanted to
do something extra special for him.
He loves to golf but he rarely ever goes golfing.
So...I enlisted the help of one of his {former}
golfing buddies to surprise him and take
him golfing for his Birthday.
I saw THIS idea on The Dating Divas
and had to make it my own.

In the morning, the kiddos and I sent him
on a scavenger hunt.
Click HERE to see his
Birthday Scavenger Hunt

The final clue was "don't find will find you".
Then, I had his friend show up at our house.
He held up a sign that said,
"I'm Clue go get your sticks!"
That's how he found out that he was
goin' golfin'.

I made them a "Happy" bucket to take with them

The bucket included:
 Bottled Water {"Par"ch Quencher}

Donut Holes {Hole in one}

 Chips {Chip it}

Orange {Slices}

I got the tags HERE
{also from The Dating Divas}

I made up a sign to put on the bucket
using a little golf humor/inuendo
{just to spice things up a bit}  :)

I definitley think this made my precious hubby

Blessings to you,

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