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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Burlap Christmas Wreath

I wanted to do something different for my Christmas wreath this year...and since I still have an abundance of burlap fabric, I decided to use it.
I already had all the materials at home, so it didn't cost me anything extra.
Here's how I made mine...
I didn't have a wreath form so I opened up a wire hanger and shaped it into a circle.
**NOTE**  I would definitely use a wreath form(next time)  and just attach the burlap ruffles to it with hot glue.  :)
To secure my form, I overlapped & wrapped the ends of the hanger around the form (sorry I didn't take a picture of that).

Then, I cut 4 strips of burlap (approx. 6"x60").
I began attaching the burlap around the form by folding it in 1/2 lengthwise and putting the form in the middle of the burlap (as shown above).

I then stitched closely to the form to create a "channel" around the form...tight enough to hold but loose enough to pull and gather to make the ruffle.

As I stitched along the fabric, I pulled it to gather and make a ruffle.
I used 2 strips of fabric to make the first layer of the wreath.
(and...uh...yes, I need a manicure!!!)  :)

For the back layer of the wreath, I just folded the strip of burlap in 1/2
(but not evenly because I wanted extra depth of I left about 1/2" of burlap sticking out of the back).
Once I folded the strip, I stitched it together about 1/2" above the fold (on the outside) to connect the folded strip together.
Just like the first strip, I pulled and gathered to make the ruffle.

I attached the 2nd strip of ruffles to the back of the first with hot glue (because I prefer hot gluing whenever I can!)

I made a big bow with red & white polka dot ribbon (I love polka dots!!)  :) and attached it to the wreath with wire.

I had this "H" around the house just waiting for a place to I spray painted it red and
attached it to the wreath (underneath the bow) with wire.

And WhaaLaa...
I hung it on our front door...
I love it!!  :)

Yes, that is my reflection in the glass...good thing you can't see that I have no makeup on and my hair is a mess!!  :)

**UPDATE**  I removed the wire and hot glued the ruffles to a straw wreath's much it is!  And I added some **bling**.  :)

My new and improved burlap wreath.  :)

Blessings to you!

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