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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Silhouette Projects

Silhouette Projects

Mr. & Mrs.

So, I must have been a really good girl, last year, because Santa brought me a Silhouette Machine.  It is one of my favorite gifts EVER!!  If you don't know what a Silhouette is, check out their website here.   It can cut out so many things...from paper to vinyl to fabric.  Here are just a few of the projects I have made since receiving my new toy!

We have a circle window above our bed (I call it our porthole...we can lay in bed at night and look at the stars...and imagine we're on a cruise ship...yep, I said IMAGINE!!).  So, I have been struggling with what to put above it since it's not your standard window.  I've seen Mr. and Mrs. signs in so many places AND since I now have a Silhouette, I cut the words out of chocolate brown vinyl and adhered them above the window.  I found this lovely little gold & sign at Hobby Lobby and think it adds just the right amount of BLING! 

Here's another pic of our window...

And another...

I'm loving our cozy little nest!

Menu Board

My sweet hubby and I have 7 children (combined).  Needless to say, I get a bit tired of being asked "What's for breakfast?" or "What's for dinner?" over and over again.
That's why I saw a need for a Menu Board.  :)
I dry-brushed the frame a turquoise color (my fav), made some burlap & lace flowers, BLINGed them up, and hot-glued them to my board.
Then, I cut the words, MENU, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and DINNER out of vinyl using my Silhouette machine and attached them.

I love the way it turned out...not only visually, but for my SANITY, as well!  :)

The Queen's Throne

I absolutely LOVE front porches.  We happen to have been blessed with one of the best I have ever seen (my humble opinion).  The only way this porch would be better is if it were overlooking the land on our farm (we're living in town, right now). 
I cut out the letter "H" (on my Silhouette, of course) and stenciled a monogram on some burlap pillows and put them on the rocking chairs.

And, because I feel like a Southern Queen when I'm rocking on my front porch, I cut out a crown using vinyl and adhered it to a flower pot that I painted the same color as my monograms.

Here is my favorite spot to sit and sip Peach Tea (or something a little stronger, on occasion) :)

Sweet Tea Jar

I was shopping at an antique store with one of my dear friends and she picked up a glass jar that had "Sweet Tea" written on it with vinyl.  I insisted that she put it back so I could make one for her...I love all things Southern and what is more Southern than Sweet Tea?? 
This is what I came up with.

I purchased the jar at Wal-Mart for around $4.00.
I cut out a stencil using vinyl, adhered it to the jar, and etched it using etching cream (I apologize that you can't see the etching very well in this picture).
I also added a bow using 3 different ribbons and accented it with a "mother of pearl" button.
I wanted her to be able to remove the ribbon for washing so...I kept the bow tied around the neck of the jar and then cut it in half at the this...

Then I folded the ends over and secured them with hot glue.  I added velcro dots to each end so the bow will be easy to attach and remove.

This is the front of the bow.

I think I'm going to have to make one for myself!  :)
The Great I Am Subway Art

Last but definitely NOT least is the subway art that I created with the names of our Great Savior Jesus Christ.

I have seen similar pieces on Pinterest and decided I HAD TO make my own.  I cut out some of His names using various fonts that I like.  I used chocolate brown and light blue vinyl.
I also cut out stencils for a cross and crown and painted them onto the canvas using gold acrylic paint.
Before I adhered the names, I painted the canvas using a beige paint.  I positioned and adhered the names and then dry-brushed the canvas with gold acrylic paint.

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out.  It is hanging in our front entryway so that it is the first and last thing that our visitors see.  :)

Blessings to you,


  1. What font did you use for the menu board? I love it! :)

    1. Hi Brittney! Thanks so much! I used IFC Insane Rodeo Bold. I downloaded it from

      Have a blessed day,

  2. Love your Savior names board! It is at the top of my "to do" list. Thanks!