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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glamping Party

Skylar's 10th Birthday
Glamping Style!

Skylar decided she wanted to have a camping themed party.  Well, Skylar (like her mom) loves all things BLINGy.  So, we decided to Glamp it up! 
 The party was originally planned to be outdoors in our backyard.  But, of course, it decided to rain.  :)  So...even though we set up a Glamped up tent outside...most of the party took place indoors.  We put a fire pit on our back porch so the girls could at least roast their hot dogs.

This is the main table. 
The colors for the party were turquoise, hot pink, and yellow.
We served Hot Dogs on the camping stove placed in the center of the table. 
We also had Potato Salad in tin cans wrapped with strips of colored bandanas.
There were Twigs (Pretzel Sticks), Campfire Flames (Cheetos), Chocolate-dipped Marshmallows and Apples on sticks, and a Watermelon Porcupine.

Campfire Flames (Cheetos)

Twigs (Pretzel Sticks)

Potato Salad Cans

Chocolate-dipped Apples

Chocolate-dipped Marshmallows

Watermelon Porcupine

Roasting Sticks
We straightened hangers & doubled over one end.  We wrapped the thicker end with pink zebra duck tape and burned the other end to remove the paint & "sanitize" it.

Drink Station (Lemonade & Bottled Water)


Keep Calm and Glamp On  :)


S'Mores Sign

Camping Gear

Dessert Bar

S'Mores Cuppy

S'Mores Cuppy...Graham Cracker crust on the bottom, Chocolate Cake above, topped with Chocolate Buttercream, Graham Cracker sprinkles, Mini Marshmallows, and Mini Hershey Bar.  YUM!! 
Get the recipe on my Quickie Cuppies page.

S'Mores Cuppies

The Birthday Girl with her cake.  :)

The Birthday Cake

Candy Bar (River Rocks/Chocolate Rocks, Snakes/Twizzlers, Grizzly Bears/Gummy Bears, Bait/Sour Gummy Worms, Kindling/Twix, Catch of The Day/Swedish Fish)

Snack Sack
The Glampers filled these with candy & Trail Mix to eat while watching a movie.

Party Favors
The Glampers raided the basket before I got a good picture.  I appliqued their initial (using pink or turquoise bandanna) in the corner of a brown fleece blanket.  Tied it with coordinating bandanna strips and attached a tag that said, "It warmed my heart that you joined me at Camp Glam.  Love, Skylar"

The Glampers decorated white pillowcases with fabric paint markers.

"Skylar is 10" bunting over my favorite quilt!

Blinged up branches

Most of the decor was either free or from the dollar store.  I spray painted branches with silver paint, cut apart plastic beaded necklaces and draped them from the branches.

I got the mushrooms from Hobby Lobby (half off).  The wood is from our farm.  I got the moss rocks from Wal-Mart.  The acorns are from our farm...we have Burr Oak trees that drop these big, fabulous acorns!  I dipped them in Mod Podge and then in silver glitter to BLING them up.  :)

Here's a close-up of the glittered acorns.  I also sprinkled stones around that I got from the dollar store.

I got these lanterns from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off)

I put the flowers in tin cans that I spray painted with hot pink & blue metallic paint.

Inside the Camp Glam tent. 
We put a zebra rug on the floor, blew up an air mattress and covered it with a hot pink bedspread, and lots of fun pillows.  I had planned to put a cute table, hot pink & black feathered lamp, mirror, and radio next to the bed but since it was raining, we decided to skip the extra details.  The girls spent about 5 minutes in the tent.  :D

It was a very fun party...even though we had to Glamp inside.  :)

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