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Friday, April 20, 2012

Butterflies and Blooms

Spring is in full bloom here in Oklahoma...
And I adore it!!

I've said it before...
and I really mean it...
I adore SPRING!
And we are actually having one this year!
It's glorious
and all you have to do
is open your eyes
take in a deep, slow breath
feel the breeze on your face
and you see and feel
God's presence everywhere!!

The birds singing.
Breezes blowing.
Trees dancing.
Butterflies fluttering.
Flowers blooming.
Our pastor referenced Psalm 148
in which ALL creation is called to
Praise the Lord.
The sun, moon, and stars.
The waters, sea creatures, and all ocean depths.
Lightning and hail, snow and clouds,
Mountains, hills, and trees.
Wild animals, cattle, small creatures, and flying birds.
Young men and maidens.
Old men and children.
Then he said that he imagines
when the wind is blowing, it's saying "Praise the Lord".
When the birds are singing, they are saying, "Praise the Lord".
When waves are crashing, they are saying, "Praise the Lord".

I love this imagery!
I really felt like I had a great appreciation for the
"Little blessings" in every day life...
then I heard that message
and my appreciation deepened even further.

So, when we walked outside yesterday
and saw butterflies swarming and dancing
around our bushes that are in full bloom
I pictured them praising the Lord.

It was such a beautiful sight.
There must have been at least 100 butterflies
swarming around Shelby!
She was trying to catch them but
they were just too quick for her!

This is one type of butterfly...
Here are two more...

Shelby said "Oh No!" when they kept flying
away from her. :(
She wanted to hold one so badly.
It was precious!!

Just look at those sweet little hands
preparing to grab hold of
a much desired
fluttering butterfly!

And another reason that
I adore spring...
This is one of our rose bushes in our backyard.

These roses
make me SO happy!
It just looks like they are smiling
and so happy to
just BE!

Yay God!!
I cut some this morning
and made this flower arrangement
for my kitchen.

Praise the Lord!!
I hope this inspires you to
go outside
and enjoy
all of God's creation
Praising the Lord!
Blessings to you,


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